Product overview

  • Comfort231s


    The KOMFORT neck rest has two angle joints. It has been a much appreciated accessory not only in construction machinery but also in the office chair market.
  • ArmflexGF80_left231


    ARMFLEX GF is a lightweight armrest equip ped with all the necessary and desirable ergonomic and technical adjustment possibilities.
  • Sittab_GF620_studio_02 231 136

    ARMFLEX GF 620

    ARMFLEX 620 is an elegant designed supporting arm with all desirable functions needed to provide optimized comfort.
  • Armflex E


    ARMFLEX E is a robust armrest equipped with all the necessary and desirable ergonomic and technical adjustment possibilities.
  • Armflex LT


    Using Armflex LT,tricky adjustment knobs and levers are a thing of the past. Our ergonomic armrest, the ARMFLEX LT, responds instantly to the touch of the control dome.
  • Kusken_left231


    The KUSKEN series armrest may be fitted into a wide range of applications, but is particularly suitable for large forklift trucks and construction & forestry equipment.
  • holders231

    Control Holder 2LK

    2LK is an articulated, domed control unit that provides virtually limitless height and sideways adjustment opportunities, as well as side tilt and nick adjustments.
  • ControlHolder_2LV

    Control Holder 2LV

    2LV is a double tilt joint control holder based on friction plate adjustment.
  • ControlHolder_HP

    Control Holder HP

    HP is a robust height adjust and tilt providing control holder suitable for basic long joysticks positioned in a traditional way beside the operator seat.
  • Katalog bilder 2009 057

    Joystick boxes

    Sittab offers joystick boxes in two sizes, standard and XL, suitable for most of the control units available in the market today.
  • Sittab_Simplex_studio_02 231 136


    The SIMPLEX turntable has a lightweight, flexible and multipurpose design based on a modular concept.
  • BYGGO_231

    Turntable BYGGO

    The Byggo Turntable is designed to handle substantial loads. It features a 180 mm ball bearing and four adjustable wear blocks, which guarantee no “free play.”
  • TurntableLV97_231

    Turntable V-97

    The V-97 Turntable, with its stepless locking capability, is a further development of the company’s turntable concept. It is robustly constructed to handle the heaviest loads.
  • SwivelLB

    Swivel LB

    The Swivel LB is a low profile design to handle substantial loads without any slack. It features a 180 mm ball bearing and a flexible locking collar design which guarantee no “free play.”
  • turntableVPstd231

    Turntable VP

    Turntable VP is designed to allow rapid and simple rotation with a manually operated lever. The locking mechanism and lever is designed so that unlocking and rotation is made in the same direction.
  • rotoslide231


    The ROTOSLIDE is a mechanical two-position turntable with integrated horizontal slide function. The ROTOSLIDE is developed for the most severe and toughest applications in the driver seat segment.
  • IsolatorLP

    Fore & aft Isolator LP

    The Isolator LP is a low profile design to handle substantial loads without slack. The design is based on two long linear ball bearings providing a rigid and durable product.
  • SlideRail_Byggo

    Slide Rails

    BYGGO Slide Rails consist of “zero free play” units with a very long operating lifetime, which prevents your driver’s seat.
  • stativ_slade231


    The Sledge is used when the seat needs to be moved either laterally or longitudinally in certain industrial or marine environments. Our Sledge is a robust design and travel length is customer specified.